Our patients consist mostly of needy elderly who suffer from chronic ailments such as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These patients are able to return to their homes because the HNF nurses are able to provide services such as changing of feeding tubes and urine catheters, wound dressing, monitoring of blood sugar level and administering of injections which are carried out professionally by our qualified nurses. Non-ambulant and elderly patients can stay in the comfort of their homes with their loved ones while our nurses attend to their needs.

Our home nursing services include:

  • Wound and stoma care
  • Removal of stitches / staples
  • Changing of feeding tubes
  • Changing of urinary catheters/ supra-pubic catheters/ CIC
  • Administration of S/C & I/M injections/Loading of insulin
  • Simple physiotherapy
  • Blood pressure / blood sugar levels monitoring
  • Issue memo to Polyclinic for medication review and supply
  • Packing of Medication
  • Training of care givers
  • Administration of Ventolin Puff and Nebulizer.

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